Our new website is live, and while everyone’s thrilled about that, I’m perhaps the most excited about it; it resonates with me in ways that it doesn’t with the rest of the crew.

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Larry Swank, and once upon a time, I was a codeslinger-for-hire. Today, most of my work involves making the Studios’ proverbial trains run on time as CEO, but since codeslinger’s a better title than either conductor or CEO, I’m holding on to it. Regardless, I’m the only one that’s been here since the beginning, from the time FortySixTen Studios was nothing more than a laptop on my dining room table, and to me, the launch of this website represents what we’ve become.

Since the Studios’ humble beginnings, we’ve co-produced a film that’s been distributed on shelves nationwide. We’ve been a part of some pretty prestigious happenings out in Hollywood, with backstage looks at some amazing events. We’ve helped businesses grow their client bases as we’ve watched our own grow, and I’ve had the great privilege of bringing in several guys that I’m proud to call co-workers and friends to help meet those growing expectations.

For those guys, this website represents a new beginning. It’s a much-needed fresh coat of paint on our corporate imagery. It’s me taking some time on Memorial Day to slap on some polish and call it done. For me, though, it’s Andrew’s creative vision, Brett’s passion, Randall’s heart, and Matt’s unwavering steadiness all taking root in this thing I created more than a decade ago to make it something greater than it was.

To me, this website launch represents the hope of what’s to come next. It’s the end of our beginning. I could not be more excited for the Studios’ future.